Collection: Diesel Injector Removal Kits

When removing injectors, the ultimate goal is to remove them without damaging them or other engine components. This allows the components to be tested independently of each other as well as saving a great deal of extra work and ultimately the cost of the repair.

Removing injectors without destroying any components can be a simple and easy job with the right tools and an understanding of the system you are working with, although some presentations can be very daunting – especially if there is a build-up of material around leaking injectors or simply the structure of the engine and the injectors themselves.

Generally, finding the correct tool that will attach to the injector and then using a slide hammer, hydraulic ram or other pulling arrangement to extract the injectors with the least amount of impact or jarring ensures their safe removal – then it is just a matter or ensuring that the recess is clean and that the injector seat is cut square to the perpendicular ensuring they sit without leaking in the recess when reinserting the new or remanufactured injectors.