Collection: DIESEL Water Trap Pre-Filter Electronic Water Detection - protection against Diesel Fuel Contamination Damage


Invented, designed and manufactured in Australia for Common Rail Diesels
Suitable for all diesel applications



Diesel Water Watch is the only electronically operated diesel fuel contamination trap that has been invented and Manufactured in Australia for modern common rail diesels. 

Diesel Water Watch is Certified "Made in Australia".

Diesel Water Watch removes water and particles in high pressure diesel fuel systems without causing any restriction to fuel pressure. 

Diesel Water Watch will detect and remove 99.9% of free water, dispersed and emulsified water in fuel flow alerting the driver to the fuel contamination before it reaches your pump and injectors.  Designed for Common Rail Diesels, suitable for all diesels including marine and plant.

We have many other bracket kits for both latest release, older and less common current models, which may not be listed as well as marine and commercial applications.  We can also provide specialised technical advice on fitting Water Watch as well as any diesel fuel system or turbo issues. 

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  • No filters to restrict fuel flow or vehicle performance.  Filters can’t stop or separate water under even light pressure or suction.

  • Water Watch has a patented electronic sensor, not a float or electrode system, so function is not reduced by the presence of particulates or sludge in the fuel collecting around the water detector.  

  • Patented Diffuser system is designed to effectively remove water and contaminants from fuel at high flow rates.  The Sensor is easily removed to drain off contaminants held in the glass bowl away from the main fuel flow.

  • It’s not a sedimenter, so you’re not relying on the water and particulates to settle into a bowl for the alarm to work (which, is often too late for your fuel system; contamination happens very quickly with the high flow rates in Common Rail Diesels).

  • All components of Water Watch are designed to operate at high temperatures, high pressures and high fuel rates used by Common Rail Diesels.  No distortion or malfunction of components.  

  • No regular maintenance or replacement required.  Visual checks will let you know the quality of your fuel and you can see any contamination. 

  • Water Watch is available to fit any common rail diesel fuel system from small cars through to larger vehicles, including industrial and marine applications.

  • Bracket kits are available to fit most popular common rail diesels – making Water Watch very easy to install.