Fuel Additive Responsive Common Rail Diesel Lubricant And Conditioner Treatment - Made In Australia


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Responsive Common Rail Diesel Fuel Lubricant And Conditioner Engineered Specifically for Common Rail Diesel fuel systems

Developed and produced by Australians 
for Australian vehicles and conditions

The easiest way to protect your diesel fuel system 

  • increased diesel fuel lubricity
  • reduces injector noise
  • reduces fuel consumption
  • optimises vehicle performance
  • anti-corrosion and biocide protection
  • Australian formula - Made In Australia

Our bottle is designed to fit into your vehicle's door pockets so that you can keep handy in your vehicle. The long applicator allows you apply the additive without .

Concentrated formula so that you don’t have to carry litres of product.

The measuring bowl allows you to apply the correct amount every time.

Does not contain dispersants which often results in water damage to diesel fuel systems

One bottle of 150ml Responsive treats approximately 15 tanks of diesel or 1200 litres.

Only available on line or from one of our specialist distributors - for more information Phone us on 02-6280 4334 or 
email sales@responsiveengineering.com.au for more information

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