Seat Cutting Tool For Compression Leak Diesel Fuel Injectors Bosch, Delphi, Denso (8PCS)

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Seat Cutting Tool For Compression Leak
Diesel Fuel Injectors Mercedes, Mazda, Jeep, Ford Transit, Land Rover etc (8PCS)


This is also one our most popular seat cutting tool sets. This specialised tool has been developed to clean carbon from the injector bore and rectify injector seat non-conformity.

Identify injector “blow-by” exists (The leaking of combustion gas from cylinder through the injector seating washer, the blow-by causes starting symptoms and poor running, excessive smoke, tar build-up, loss and noise of compression).

To use tool
1: Gain access to the injectors and remove them (you may need injector removal tool).

2: Select required reamer onto pilot post and tighten internal hex screw.

3: Place assembled cutter into injector recess. Using the T bar and socket supplied: apply only a small amount of pressure whilst turning the cutter in a clockwise direction only. Use a small amount of light lubricant whilst performing the cut to reduce chattering and help to give a flat cut. Do not over cut the seat, only remove enough metal to form a good seat

4: Thoroughly clean the seat and remove all shavings.

5: Fit injectors using new heat shield washers as per manufacturers’ instructions.

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