Air Conditioning Clutch, Seal And Bearing replacing Tool Kit very comprehensive

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Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch,
Seal and Bearing Replacement Kit for 
Kiki (Zexel), Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Nippondenso, Seiko-Seiki and Sanden 


This specialized kit includes all the tools necessary to replace seals, clutches and clutch bearing on Diesel Kiki (Zexel), Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Nippondenso, Seiko-Seiki and Sanden 505, 507, 508, 510, 575, 708 and 709.

Set is packaged into a heavy case.

 Set includes instruction manual.  A very comprehensive kit containing

  • Universal Feeler Gauge Set
  • Universal Clutch Holding Tool
  • Pulley Arbour
  • Compressor Holding Fixture
  • Clutch Puller Thrust Pin
  • Mitsubishi Seal Remover Lock Sleeve
  • Mitsubishi/Sanden Clutch Plate Remover
  • Clutch Bearing Installer
  • Nut Remover -Installer
  • Pulley Puller Pilot
  • Bearing -Pulley Installer
  • Sanden 505 Bearing -Pulley Installer
  • Sanden 505 Bearing -Pulley Installer
  • Pulley Bearing Drive
  • Pulley Bearing Remover -Installer
  • Seal Seat Installer
  • Seal Seat Remover
  • Nippondenso Clutch Plate Remover
  • Clutch Plate Remover
  • Sanden Plate Installer
  • Seal Protector Sleeve
  • Sanden 505 Seal Protector Sleeve
  • Mitsubishi Seal Remover -Installer
  • York Seal Remover -Installer
  • Seal Remover -Installer
  • Seal Remover -Installer
  • Seal Seat Remover -Installer
  • Sanden 505 Seal Seat Remover
  • Diesel Kiki Retainer Ring Installer
  • Clutch Plate Installer
  • Hitachi Spanner Plug Remover Installer
  • Mitsubishi Seal Seat Remover
  • Puller Body
  • Pulley Remover Jaws

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